We understand that no tool can be a one size fits all. So we want to hear from you on what you would like to see in our roadmap.

Current Roadmap includes:

  • Integrations to your broker services e.g. RobinHood to import positions / excel upload
  • Live pricing for commodities, bonds, and UK equities 
  • Integrations into common crowdfunding platforms for start up investments
  • Accounting and tax compliant exports and asset statements for your self-assessment 
  • Use of Pie charts rather than bar graphs to show allocations
  • As it stands there is a lot of clicks and nesting that happens in the tool due to architecture constraints, but this is already being worked on to reduce the number of clicks to get to the desired point of action from the home screen
  • Currently the tool ONLY supports US equities, we will look to build out a UK offering in due course

For any other suggestions whether that be Asset Classes, Live Pricing feeds you want included, or other feature requests, please email help@folioapp.co and we will add it to our list.