These are the steps to get started with FOLIO, but you only need to do the first time. 

  1. Click on 'My Portfolio'
  2. Click on 'New Record'
  3. Select a 'Target Mix' for your Asset Allocation. If you are want to find out more about the Asset Allocation theories we have off the shelf for you in FOLIO, check out the blog.
  4. You can also select 'Manual' to create your own for the time being
  5. Name your portfolio e.g. John Smith Retirement Portfolio  
  6. Select your default currency for reporting. i.e. if you are USA based, then it makes sense for the default currency to be USD
  7. Click "Create"

Once you have created the portfolio you will be met with the following screen:

If you have selected 'Manual' for Target Mix of your Asset Allocation, you will now be able to add in a % or each of the parent Assets listed.

If you selected one of the benchmarks in the system then this will be auto populated from the associated expert theory you wish to follow. 

Once you have confirmed your asset allocations are as expected, you can move on to creating your first Asset Holding by clicking 'New Holding'.