Your home page when first logging in may be a bit a bare. 

Three dashboards are pinned to the home page

  1. Total Portfolio Performance - Showing monthly changes in your total portfolio value
  2. Asset Performance - showing current value of individual asset classes
  3. Holdings Performance - showing current performance of individual holdings within various asset classes

You can also navigate here to key areas of the platform. 

  • My Portfolio - This is where you can start to build your own portfolio by selecting your asset classes and adding your holdings
  • Portfolio reporting - this is where you can look at Asset allocation reports by month when compared to a benchmark portfolio of your choice
  • Personal finances - This is where you can stress test your finances by visualising your monthly income, expenditure, assets and liabilities

  • Knowledge Centre - if you are reading this, then you have found it
  • Affiliate program - Refer a friend and earn 10% commission as they save 10% on their subscription. Win, Win. 
  • Subscription management - Manage your own subscription.